Dear Man who pulled me over,

I’ve been thinking through the events of the day in which you pulled me over to have a go at me, and I’ve been confused about how I should feel about you.

The overwhelming feeling though is that of pity and bewilderment that a man in his mid-forties has the temperament of a tired toddler. How awful has your development of a human being been, for you to lose your shit at what you perceived to be a minor traffic infraction?

Of course, this is also a good time for me to point out…

So, society has failed us.

It sounds dramatic, and perhaps it is a little. But it is true that our governments have failed us and society is crumbling around us. The world is run to the tune of corporations and money, and the people in it are just cogs in the machine.

Maybe, it has always been the case. Maybe now, with the abundance of information available to us, we have collectively woken up to the realisation that our lives have been shaped to maximise profit and to keep us tired and forced to work.

Should it not be the…

On the 2nd of May 2021, Manchester United fans stormed the pitch of Old Trafford hours before their team were scheduled to play against their biggest rivals, Liverpool.

The game, which is seen by the majority of the footballing world as the biggest game of the English calendar, was spectacularly postponed due to the protests of the Manchester United fans both inside and outside of the stadium, and outside of the hotel in which the Manchester United players were staying.

The postponement of the game could land the club facing punishment in the form of fines or even a points…

German weightlifter Matthias Steiner won gold at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games just a few months after his wife died in a tragic car accident.

Buster Douglas, as a 42–1 underdog, shocked the world by beating Mike Tyson to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, 23 days after his mother passed away.

Sport is full of emotional stories of men and women overcoming life-changing events to reach their goals. What both of these stories have in common is that both men were fighting for something bigger than themselves.

Matthias Steiner was competing to honour the memory…

All successful writers tell you that you need to offer something valuable to your audience. This usually comes in the form of answering a lingering question that will help the reader to overcome a troubling dilemma.

But, what if the writer does not hold all of the answers?

What if the writer begins his/her piece with an admission that they are as lost as you, and that there is a lingering question on his/her mind that they are looking for an answer to?

I’m sorry, therefore, if you have clicked to read this piece and expect to find the answer…

I have been involved in sport and training since I was old enough to take instructions. Whether through nature or by nurture, I love training and I love being physically active.

My love for training, however, has blinded me to the reality that for many people going to the gym or working on their fitness isn’t enjoyable. Having searched the internet myself for whether you should enjoy training, I have realised that many people in the fitness industry are ignorant of the fact that for many people training isn’t, and never will be, fun.

Is it fundamental therefore for long…

We are at a weird place right now. We know more about the world than ever before; but as individuals, we have never felt so lost.

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

Art, once used to better understand ourselves and our emotions is now seen by many as no more than pop culture, or by others, a relaxing pastime. Great tragedies and poems were written to investigate deep philosophical ideas, and stories were told to explore our deepest thoughts and emotions.

At a time when we have lost track of who we are, why we’re…

It often surprises people that I can maintain a lean physique and 230 lbs of muscle, all whilst being vegetarian and without juicing up.

It annoys them when they find out that I love to indulge in huge pizzas and pre-workout meals that top 1000 calories (I would be annoyed too if it wasn’t me…).

I lose weight on weekends away, even when that weekend consists of delicious alcoholic milkshakes and irresistible banana and peanut butter waffles — there’s a theme here right?

I’m not divulging this information to brag, but to set the scene for what is to come…

Sometimes I need to recalibrate my life. Time tends to have a nasty habit of getting away from me, and after operating on autopilot for brief periods, I slump back in a harrowing realisation that I’m not sure where I’m headed, or where I want to go.

I’m sure it is something that many people can relate to. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day tasks. We get consumed in work, life admin, and making sure we have enough food in the house for dinner.

I suppose it is why we all secretly love being busy. When…

I am frustrated. There are things in my life that I cannot control, there are things that I want, and there are things that I want to achieve; but they feel so, so, so far away.

I wanted to write a post today to give everyone a sign that if they have been waiting to go and do something, if they have a dream that they have been weighing up, or if they need to say something to someone and just haven’t found the right time to go and do it; that they need to go and fucking do it…

Samuel De La Bertauche

Sharing my thoughts on fitness, life, and society.

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